Photos are the most prevalent way of keeping memories; who writes diaries now days? Very few people, and there are even fewer readers out there. Sure, we have a scrapbook where we keep notes and write a sentence or two about the milestones our babies and kids go through. But this can in no way replace a single photo of a babies first bath or that perfect morning when they wake up happy and smile for no apparent reason. A single photo can transport you back in time instantly… everyone smiles when they look at photos of babies. It’s a fact 🙂 !

Every time my wife and I show friends and family our family photos I am reminded of the first two years of our son’s life and how we didn’t have a good camera. It’s not that we have some sort of a super camera now, it’s just that we do not have a lousy one. We had a small compact digital camera which had only two advantages: it was small and it was digital :D. It may seem harsh to someone but we do feel a bit guilty about this cause the photos of our daughter on the other hand seem like an art exhibit in comparison.

The photos we took of him in that period are fond to us solely because they are memories of our son. We dislike everything else about them… the lighting, the quality… the ever present blurs which seems like clouds that prevent your from seeing the beautiful sun; in this case our babies perfect face.

My wife and I rarely use our camera to photograph anything else besides people and the most important people to us are our kids of course. Someone might think that it is a waste to spend extra cash on an item which you use only for a purpose or two; I struggle to find the right words to express my opinions on the matter so I’ll be blunt: They are your children and the extra money spent this way is practically an investment into the value of your life, as all parents know, we get older and our children grow up. Memories unfortunately fade and our memory is not that of a computer… it fails with time. Photographs, especially now days with digital technology, do not fade. They will survive even our children.

In all honesty I do not know that much about photography and cameras; I can’t and because of that will not advise you on which camera to buy. I am here only to tell you that you need to buy one, as soon as you can. It doesn’t matter if you’re expecting a baby or have a spirited 5 year old running around that somehow always manages to escape your mobile phone camera.

Since images are worth a thousand words here are a few of them to picture what you can do with a good camera. Keep in mind that my wife and I knew nothing about photography and all of these photos were taken literally in the first week of owning our new photo camera on a family trip to Malta.

All of these photos were taken with a Nikon D5100 DSLR Camera using the regular 18-55mm basic lens you get with the Camera. After a year or so we got a Nikon 50mm lens which is incredible for taking portraits. It has since proved to be an amazing investment.

starfish in an aquarium malta

A trip to the local Aquarium

A plush doggy toy sitting on the bed

Our son’s favorite plush toy

flowers in dry soil

The beautiful ground of Malta

son father shadow

My son and me 🙂

In the end when all is said and done… the best camera is the one you have with you. Be it a camera phone or a simple camera; knowledge is something that you can control more easily than your financial situation however so go learn something about photography! 🙂 A lot of people do extensive research on which DSLR to get but not that much time on how to use it. Trust me. We read a lot on how to take photos correctly but believe me when I say we read more about which camera to buy and we’re slowly fixing this mistake

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