A good camera is worth its weight in gold

Photos are the most prevalent way of keeping memories; who writes diaries now days? Very few people, and there are even fewer readers out there. Sure, we have a scrapbook where we keep notes and write a sentence or two about the milestones our babies and...

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Biogaia probiotic Drops for babies

Why did we buy Biogaia Probiotic Drops I've heard many positive things about Biogaia ProTectics probiotic drops. My wife even mentioned them in a comprehensive article she wrote about colic. Our friends swore it was the thing that helped them with their...

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The New Contented Little Baby Book

Having a second baby, in my case, proved to be a much easier and relaxing experience than the first one. I caught myself thanking God for giving me such an 'easy going' baby, but the truth is that the second time I was also different; I was...

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Dunstan Baby Language

We got the Dunstan Baby DVD's from a family member when our son was several months old so it was a bit too late to implement the teachings because it applies only to the first three months of a baby's life. It is with our second baby that we saw how...

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There probably isn't a parent on this planet that doesn't dread this word. After nine long months when you can finally hold this little angel in your hands it is hard to stand a minute of its cry, let alone hours of screaming. What is Colic? Babies...

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Every child can learn to sleep

The book "Every child can learn to sleep" by Hartmut Morgenroth andĀ Annette Kast-Zahn was literally a life changer for us with our first child. But, when it comes to recommending it, I have to say it's not for everybody. This book describes different...

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One of the probably most unexpected features of parenting, to us, was the freedom with which other people (acquaintances and even perfect strangers) interfere with your relationship with your own child offering various advice, tips and sharing their experiences. Most of the time it is cute and well meaning but from time to time there comes a point when you are offered so much advice (often contradictory) that you can’t even hear your own thoughts.

On the other hand, there exists a notion that once you get your own child your instincts as a parent will be all you need to solve every problem. I couldn’t agree less! Of course your mother/father instinct is invaluable and will aid you many times but some things you just can notĀ  know without the experience of being surrounded with babies and children at any point in your life. A silly example but still: never in a million years would I figure out how to properly remove cradle cap.

For some things preparation and research is necessary and no one would be happier than us, here at Kids Nook if our advice or recommendation helps you even just a bit.

Your comments are encouraged so please share your story and advice with us on these topics.




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