I hope the following toy reviews help you get the best possible toy for your kid and to avoid disappointment by buying the bad ones.

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I love making my kid happy with a well deserved and quality toy. Sure it has materialist connotations but it’s the world we live in and all children like toys, it’s as simple as that. Every parent is both happy and proud when he gets his kid a great toy that it likes. But there’s also the other side of the coin, the ugly one. What happens when the toy is not as great as advertised… we all know that look on a kid’s face and some of us even remember the feeling of sheer disappointment from our own childhood. It has happened to everyone and will happen again to your children, you can bet on it.

The purpose of the reviews on these pages are to share what toys have been great for our kids and also to use our own mistakes and experience to warn you about some of the utter rubbish and scams that are out there.

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