We got the Dunstan Baby DVD‘s from a family member when our son was several months old so it was a bit too late to implement the teachings because it applies only to the first three months of a baby’s life. It is with our second baby that we saw how beneficial the information is.

Dunstan Baby Language owh heh eh eairh neh

What is Dunstan Baby Language

The DVD‘s teach you how to differentiate from various baby cries and if you listen carefully and pay attention you will see that your baby’s cry really does change according to its needs.

As for the info inside, the image above says it all. All of the information within can be summed up with the following image:

Dunstan Baby Language Quick Reminder

Dunstan Baby Language Quick Reminder

The “Neh” was what sold me the information and got me liking Dunstan Baby Language. Almost all babies really do say Neh when they’re hungry and the reason why is explained in the video; it is because the baby imitates feeding and its tongue touches the roof of the baby’s mouth and it sounds like Neh.

Is it worth it

There really is no need for this information to be on two DVD’s as they only contain about 20 minutes of useful material which you will use to better understand your baby needs. It is obvious they only made the 2 DVD pack to raise the price and that’s really not cool… at all.

If you watch the videos early on and remember the techniques it is really helpful although not revolutionary like it’s been hyped to be. But to be completely honest the method is not to blame for not delivering (cause it really works!) BUT the huge marketing train and consequently the urge to make the most money imaginable off of it.

Even though it is expensive you can’t really put a price on understanding your baby’s needs and this is how they get our money :D.

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