RMZ City’s diecast cars come in a somewhat unusual 1:36 size and when it comes to the Bentley Continental GT model also in 1:38 size. The size of the cars is somewhere in the middle between Bburago’s 1:43 Collection and the Bburago 1:32 Collection and so is the price. Unlike their 1:64 line (you can read my little rant on them here: 1:64 die-cast cars) this line is distinguished with beautiful design and solid build quality; the 1:64 RMZ City cars fall apart quite easily compared to the same sized Hot Wheel’s and Matchbox.

1:36 RMZ City black diecast Bentley and VW Beetle

Good pull-back motor

The 1:36 scale features a pull back motor and even though I am completely against putting pull-back motors inside die-cast cars since they often stop working quite quickly and you end up having a display toy and not a functioning toy (you can’t push around a toy car that has a pull back motor) the RMZ’s pull-back motor is actually quite good. It’s been around a year that my kid has had two RMZ models and they’ve seen their fair share of play. The pull back motors are still working perfectly. In comparison to the Bburago 1:32 line they’re a lot sturdier and I’d definitely recommend buying an RMZ City car instead, even though I love Bburago way more than RMZ City. Similarly, Welly’s line of similar sized toy cars is also not as sturdy.

The competition is falling apart

Check these photos out. Ironically it is of a Hummer… a falling apart Hummer :D. And now check out this image of a Bburago 1:32 Golf. The Welly lasted quite a lot actually while the Bburago started falling apart quite literally while being unpacked from it’s box. There was a plastic string of some sorts running through the vehicle and my kid pulled it with all the might and strength of a 4 year old and he broke the door… it’s been falling apart slowly ever since. Keep in mind that it is also quite expensive. I hate it! It has brought me only misery 😀

completely broken Welly diecast car

A completely annihilated Welly die-cast car

Broken Bburago 1:32 diecast car

A broken down Bburago 1:32 die-cast car

Overall excellent and beautiful toy cars

The best feature of this RMZ City’ line, however, is that they payed great attention to detail. From the matte metal paint job to the front and back bumpers. Even the hubcaps look amazing! Now this may not seem like a big deal to you but it is huge for me since I really dislike RMZ’s 1:64 line (as stated here) and I’ve been a fan of Bburago since I could most probably crawl (you can check out my Bburago 1:43 and GoGears articles). Bravo RMZ City, you’ve made an excellent toy!

Let’s take a look at them once more 🙂


RMZ City black matte diecast cars Benltey Beetle

The beautifully designed RMZ City 1:36 die-cast cars


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