various matchbox diecast cars collection

Matchbox Die Cast Car Collection

Since I was a kid Matchbox was one of my favorite toy car company… I still have a few of them that were made in England that I “inherited” from my older brother. Only one thing has changed since with them. They don’t have the bouncy suspension they used to have :(. Everything else is still amazing.

The extremely durable built has stayed; in the last few years my kid hasn’t managed to break a single one of them down… even the old ones I gave him have only gained scratches and nothing else.

The beautiful yet realistic design is still here and this is what makes them one of the best in my book. When I think die cast cars I think of realistic toy sized models of real life cars and vehicles my kid can play with and imagine he’s a real policeman, fireman, construction engineer or whatever his heart wishes. Sure, he likes his crazy Hot Wheels cars (insert link) but soon he comes back to his Matchbox cars and organizes a parking lot or a construction site.

matchbox construction bulldozer truck loader

Matchbox Construction Vehicles

There’s a few really nice Construction packs for sale: Construction Pack 1 and Construction Pack 2

All though… come to think of it, recently it has been mostly high speed police chases he has been enacting in our living room. The sofa imitates a hill side scenery where the robbers are trying to hide :). Even though the crooks use off road vehicles the police units manage to surround them and trap them… every time. To get back to the design I have to point out that I value Matchbox more because I kinda feel like they put more effort in each cars design. All of the police cars we have at home have different decals which are exceptionally made and highly versatile: you have the Sheriff’s car, a Marshall’s car, State Patrol vehicle, SWAT van and others.

matchbox police cars swat and patrol

The various Mathcbox Police cars and other vehicles.

If your kid is into police and other emergency services toys than these packs are surely ideal for him/her: The Police Pack, The Fire Department Pack, The Emergency Vehicle Pack and The Rescue Duty Pack.

matchbox emergency vehicles ambulance fire truck police

Matchbox Emergency Vehicles

The cars feel different from one another; their overall size, wheel size, body type etc.. you can see that a lot of effort goes into making as versatile toys as possible. I only wished they’d put as much effort into making movable parts like doors, hoods and the like that could open. Only a few cars from the main photo of this article have such accessories. The orange Hummer and the construction vehicles all have them and they’re really tough; I mean they’re all still attached to their vehicles after months and years of play 😀

Here’s another cool photo I made of my kid’s off road cars.

matchbox off road and all terrain cars

Matchbox Off Road Cars


If you’re looking for good price bargains on Matchbox toy cars than these are the best options in my opinion:

The 9 Car Pack – Regularly priced at under 9 bucks this is cheap. It’s a bestseller for a reason.

The 20 Car Pack is also pretty good but can sometimes be a bit more expensive per car than the 9 car pack; who’d figure?!

The ultimate 50 die cast car Matchbox box. Every boy’s dream!



Dear Matchbox, thank you for putting different hubcaps on your cars… unlike Hot Wheels which have the same exact hubcaps on almost all of their cars. Sure, it’s a cute signature… but it’s boring.

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