Let me begin with an explanation. Even though Maisto toy cars are around the 1:43 scale some of them in that range are labeled as 1:40, 1:42 or other but for convenience sake I’ve titled this article the way it is because the 1:43 scale is a more common standard. But still, you have to give credit to Maisto here because other manufacturers label their models with various scales even though you can see with your own eyes when comparing different toys that they’re not the scale that says on the bottom of the car.

Now that we have that out of our way let’s focus on the toy at hand. These toy cars slowly moved into my kid’s life and almost completely by chance. You see… judging by my past experiences with Maisto’s 1:64 scale toys (on which I wrote more in the linked article) I wasn’t willing to give them a shot when it comes to the 1:43 cars. However, as almost all parents know, grand parents are a force you can not control. Seriously, sometimes I believe it can be easier for me to handle 3 two year old’s than my own mom and dad :D. My kid wished for a Nissan car and the first one they saw in a local supermarket they got for him. Immediately after opening the box I exhaled in frustrations as it was obvious I needed a small screwdriver to unleash the beast from the package. After a walk to the garage and back (with my head bowed down in sweet surrender) I quickly unscrewed the damn car only to find that it was a pull back car which I could have known had I looked at the box a little more closely. I for one am a bit against pull back die-cast toy cars; they’re usually not the best quality and often break quickly leaving the car unplayable. At that moment my son snatched the toy from my hands and was off to his la-la land.

A year or so later he had amassed a small but respectable collection of them and to my astonishment I realized that other than the pull back engines nothing had broke on them. Totally unlike their 1:64 scale models these one’s seem like they’re indestructible.

Just look at the damage the Nissan from the beginning of the story has endured:

Damaged by play Maisto 1:43 Nissan GTR

This Nissan by Maisto is one of the most damaged toy car’s in our house.

The amount of damage it was dealt is epic! I’ve seen my son play with toys… you’ve seen your kids play with toys… ALL BOYS on the planet never spare their diecasts. It is the fate of these toys to undergo amazing lengths of battering, scratching, throwing, falling, crashing and eventually push the limits of kid’s imagination to the point of destruction. Not these babies. Compared to the Bburago 1:43 scale cars they appear to be made by the gods themselves. They can almost not be stopped; except for the pull back motor but what can you do :(.

And if you’re wondering does this sturdiness have an impact on the looks and design of the car… well, just look at these two models. The attention to detail is incredible. The insignia, the rear view mirrors, the license plates… the car seats… everything! The people at Maisto really did a superb job! Enjoy.

New Maisto diecast convertible BMW

The beautiful BMW


New Maisto diecast Mercedes Benz

The magnificent Mercedes


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