Like with the monster truck this is also one of the best buy items from the similar price range Lego has to offer. The design looks very pretty and will be loved by all parents (read dads 😛 ) who know or have heard about Le Mans racing. The design takes inspiration quite a lot from the older cars that competed in similar races.

Lego City Race Car on road plate

Lego Race Car

When compared with similar priced toys from Lego you get a decent toy and it is often on sale. Speaking of which, at the time of writing this article the Lego City Race Car can be found on Amazon for under 9 dollars (!!!). The toy does not offer any new and revolutionary pieces but it is sweet that you get a huge trophy which can not be seen that often you also get black wheels and every kid knows that black wheels are cool. Even I know that. In fact, everyone in my house knows that now because my 5 year old son constantly reminds everyone about that. It has gotten to the point where he wants me to buy black hubcaps for our real car :D. Anyways… back to the actual toy! The design is not as strong as the Lego City Monster Truck but then again, race cars are not meant to go over other cars but around them.. fast ;).

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