The Lego City monster truck can be best described with the following sentence: “Really good design and an even better price.”

You can’t go wrong with the big Lego sets, especially when it comes to Lego City. No matter if it’s the Fire Station, Police Station or a airplane you will never be disappointed. These big and expensive sets are the premium products and they gain the most attention from the designers and the Lego team (and also you, the customer) but we can not always buy the largest and most expensive sets. Sometimes you need something smaller and the folks at Lego know this. Priced at around 10 dollars you really do get an amazing toy and your money’s worth.

Lego Monster Truck parked on a lego road plate

The photogenic Lego Monster Truck

First of, the wheels are really large and any boy is going to be thrilled by this because it also gives them options for other designs which were previously not possible. Think of trucks

Secondly, it looks pretty… well, more cool than pretty but you get my drift. A monster truck is supposed to look special and the black and green combination delivers. As you can see from the image below it looks good from all angles :). In fact, I was sad choosing pictures for this article cause I had to discard 3 or 4 really good photos :(.

Lego Monster Truck driving on a lego road plate

It really is photogenic isn’t it? 🙂

Thirdly, it is incredibly well designed as in it can take some damage. When you see a monster truck what comes to your mind? I’ll tell you what comes to a young boy’s mind… DESTRUCTION! It’s what boys do, they tear and break stuff down. Then they rebuild and then destroy and over and over again they go. What was I saying? Oh yeah! The sturdiness of this model! When I saw my kid grab the monster truck a sudden flash appeared in my head. He’s going to start running over things now and possibly even throw it around a bit. And he did exactly that. Thankfully someone in the Lego design team had thought about this intensively and the result is commendable. This toy can take more punishment than your average Lego set.


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