The 4 X 4 Lego Mining truck is quite alright BUT this set’s best selling point are the accessories. You get a set of dynamite sticks with a timer and a detonator, a warning sign, gold nuggets and a few tools. Also, the boulder that comes with the set is quite nice.

There are two drawbacks to this set for me.

  1. The stickers! I hate it when they put stickers in sets. Sure, I like the detail and they look nice… but kids tend to tear stickers off. Only a few ever survive, most get taken down from a set rather quickly.
  2. Similar sets offer far better toys, like for example the monster truck set which offers a truly great toy to play with for the same (or even less) amount of cash.

LEGO City Mining 4x4 Pickup Truck with Boulder

The quality build is really good. The pickup truck is quite strong and will withstand a lot of play before it gets dismantled. In fact, my son played really rough with this set and it is the only set where he has actually broke a lego piece. I’ve seen him do some really really heavy duty play and the pick-up truck survived most of it. Also, it is quite easy to put back together.

All in all an excellent entrance toy to the LEGO City mining collection.

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