This LEGO set is a really simple set. You get a fire truck a fireman and a damsel in distress. It has a cute and funny story. It’s that of a cat being stuck on a tree and a fireman helping a lady get her cat back by baiting it with a fish.

I am sad there isn’t a similar set yet made for the police. I was only able to find larger or smaller police sets. Anyways… back to the fire truck. As with most Lego City cars the only bad thing is that they have a lot of stickers and they either fall off due to play or your kid wants to take it off. Unlike the stickers the car itself is very well built and is quite durable. I love how they very simply designed the tiny compartment inside the vehicle that is able to hold the walkie-talkie and the fire extinguisher.

LEGO City Fire Chief Car with accessories

LEGO City Fire Chief Car


It is a decent set and an excellent starter in the LEGO City collection or even an addition to an existing on and it’s quite affordable.

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