I do not like the LEGO City Auto Transporter (60060) set that much.

I have to be completely honest and says upfront that this is possibly due to my son (and I, hehe ) waiting for it for so long. You see, he wanted to buy it with his own money and was saving up for it. It took a while so we were really looking forward to it. He still loves it and I help him (read: assembleitcompletelybymyselfwhileheisplayingwithotherlegos ) assemble it here and there. He loves It because it IS a car transporter and he loves cars and because of that adores car/auto transporters. I mean what boy doesn’t like cars on a truck?

Lego Auto Transporter set with two sports cars 60060

The LEGO Auto Transporter with two sports cars

Quality build

Anyways,  I was very sad when I saw the build quality of this set. The trailer is really solid and the cars are ok but the truck is really bad. It looks very pretty but that’s the only part it plays well. It isn’t sturdy at all. It falls apart too easily and too quickly. The roof, the back of the cabin, the lights fall off from the roof… Oh yeah, there’s also quite a lot of stickers inside this set so eventually they fall off as well. You can see that our truck is missing the engine grill sticker and the license plate.

Lego City Auto Transporter Truck

It looks pretty but be careful… the cabin falls apart quite easily 🙁

Fortunately the trailer is very well designed ( even contains a few Lego Technic parts ) so it can be played with for hours combining various vehicles on it. The trailer can be detached and the ramps lowered and this is very well done. I actually expected to have issues with the ramps themselves thinking they would fall apart but that did not happen. You actually have to put an effort into dismantling the trailer and the ramps.

Lego City Auto Transporter car loading

The car loading system is very well designed and thought of.

I do not understand why very little attention was focused on making the truck sturdy. The main focus group of the LEGO City line are 5 year old boys. Five year old boys like to crash things, they’re not that gentle with their toys; they’re not gentle almost at all to anyone, let alone anything.


It does look pretty and I must admit that even the truck looks amazing; the hanging rear view mirrors on both sides of the Transporter truck are fantastic. Also, when compared to other LEGO great vehicles it visually does look like one of, if not the best great vehicles LEGO set; with one truck, two cars and a trailer in it.

lego city auto transporter truck with trailer

The details like the hanging rear view mirrors are amazing. But we want a sturdy toy!

Final verdict

Get this one for a 6 year old or possibly even an older boy; so he can assemble the truck completely by himself and his parents do not resent you for making them assemble it every week or so). And make sure the kid is a car enthusiast because in this price range there are a lot of excellent choices. Also, i got caught up with the Truck and its cabin so much I forgot to mention the two sports cars that come with the Auto Transporter. The cars look very cool and are solidly built. They are practically a toy inside a toy.  This would have been a perfect set if the Truck was made more durable.

blue and black Lego Sports Cars

The two cool sports cars are just like advertised… cool 🙂

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