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Hot Wheels Worlds Best Driver

Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver might be a cool title for a game but let me assure you… it’s not the World’s best game :D. It has a lot of cool ideas but you kinda get the feeling they wanted to do way too much with the game and hence made me, the gamer, not appreciate these small parts. It’s cool doing various tasks but it gets boring really really fast as all of these are quite repetitive and you have to do them 6 times I believe to unlock other stuff you want to do. Also, there’s not that much racing involved. I expected a lot more races but there just aren’t that much in the game. There’s a few and there’s also the ghost mode where you compete a ghost car in a time challenge.

Only once did I see my kid have real fun with this game; when his dragster car kept falling of a cliff cause we didn’t stop it in time. It was very funny! The setup we have is that he sits in my lap while we play video games… well, I actually play them while he watches :D; he’s only five now and wants to play a bit here and there. He just enjoys watching cars on the screen. Whenever he wanted me to play the World’s Best Driver we would only play for maybe 10 minutes tops and he would get bored. The only thing he wanted to do for more than 10 minutes is to drift a car on a huge wall… that was fun I’ll admit it.

Maybe because he is totally into cars he enjoyed the various Need for Speed games much more. You see, they offer a lot of real recognizable cars while The World’s Best Driver offers only 24 imaginary concept cars made by Hot Wheels and a special edition of a Camaro. This is one of the things that bugged me a lot because HW make a lot of extremely well done die-cast copies of real world cars. Maybe they couldn’t finance or organize putting some of them in the game and it’s a shame :(.

The Need for Speed series is the king in this area and almost all of their games feature a great number of real world cars ranging from the VW Golf to the more exotic Pagani’s and McClaren’s. If your kid is into cars in general I’d rather suggest you get him for example Need for Speed: The Run which offers 174 cars from 29 different manufacturers. Yes, that’s right… 174!!! cars. Or perhaps the Need for Speed: Most Wanted which is an open world game that also has a lot of cars and features arcade elements like running away from the police which is always fun… ALWAYS :D. Another big thing separating games like these from the games that Hot Wheels has made is that these games are made for a large number of platforms; so it doesn’t matter if you have an Xbox, PlayStation or a PC. You can play them! My kid and myself have played both of these games for hours and hours.

Since I do not own a Nintendo Wii we were unable to play the Hot Wheels Beat That game but everything I’ve read about the game suggest it is a fun game that is made and suitable for smaller kids and even 3 year olds can play it, although some parents say that it isn’t that easy for kids to play it.


Hot Wheels Track Builder is a free to download app made by Mattel where you can create your very own virtual Hot Wheels tracks and race cars on them.

Screenshot of Hot Wheels Track Builder

Hot Wheels Track Builder – A FREE DOWNLOAD

All in all you should get any Hot Wheels video game if your kid is totally into the franchise but if he just wants to play a cool racing video game there are a lot better games out there with more cars and better racing. These are made by companies whose bread and butter ARE racing video games while Hot Wheels will most probably only dip their feet every once in a while into the gaming niche.

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