You know the cars I am talking about.. the weird one’s that look like they’re either from the future or figment of someone’s really active imagination. Call it creative thinking or smart marketing these toy cars draw kids eyes to them and this most probably even is the answer to the question why small kids like Hot Wheels more than other brands of die-cast toy cars that make regular cars.

These are the toys I am talking about:

Weird looking Hot Wheels diecast cars

A small collection of funny Hot Wheels cars

I first started noticing them when I began regularly buying toy cars for my kid of course. At first I did not like them, I mean I still don’t because most of them are not that pretty to me. But I did grow fond of them eventually because my kid digs them. These kind of toy cars are nothing new with Hot Wheels… in fact this practice dates to the 1970’s when they made the Evil Weevil; a Volkswagen Bug with two engines.

Kids do not look at them as weird or funny cars… they look at them as Cool Hot Wheels Cars! That’s why my kid has a small collection of them, he likes them. And in the end I honestly do not care what he likes as long as he’s happy :). So… I’ll keep my eyes open for more “weird looking” HW die casts.

I do however have a problem with Hot Wheels doing “special” cars for franchises that have nothing to do with earth automobiles like doing the Star Wars Hot Wheel cars, I avoid them because I really like Star Wars and these just do not make any sense to me.

Making airplanes makes sense to me… they’re airplanes and since Mattel does die cast toys very well why not do airplanes? Well they did do it and the results are amazing. The toy is incredibly sturdy, made completely from metal except the propeller. It is a really well made toy that also looks pretty cool.


Black Daredevil Hot Wheels diecase airplane

Hot Wheels Daredevil Airplane

What makes sense is the various cars from movies they have like for example the Knight Rider KITT car or the Back to the Future DeLorean, the James Bond cars… the A Team van and many many more. I even got my kid the Aston Martin Sean Connery drove in James Bond and also the flying DeLorean. They also have Bat mobiles… how could I forget?!? 😀

Check out these beauties… they really made a good job and also at an affordable price.


James Bond Aston Martin and DeLorean Hot Wheels

Pretty awesome in my book


All in all, maybe I don’t like them and I don’t get them. But who cares. I’m not the one who’ll be playing with them; they’re for 3 year old’s and up. AND THAT is what’s important, that they the kids like them.

For example… I had no idea what to do with this snake like toy car…

bendable Hot Wheels mutant machine diecast car

The Hot Wheels Mutant Machine Car

… but my kid absolutely loved it! He played with it for days; even went to bed with it:

This weird futuristic Hot Wheels truck was his wish and deep inside I doubted the toy but it proved to be extremely durable and is still being played with after a year I believe.

Hot Wheels fright freighter transporter with car

Extremely durable but a bit pricey


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