Maisto vs Bburago vs Welly

This isn’t an article for collectors, this is an article for parents, grandparents and other people looking for a really cool present for their little ones. I waited for a few years on purpose before writing this article so that I could have experience and proof about the toy cars at hand and answer the question: which is better, maisto vs bburago. These toys don’t come that cheap and I really do not like reviews based on 1-day ownership of a toy. The purpose of this article is to show which 1:24 scale diecast toys are the best buy for kids to play with, so I will be adding other brands in the future.

Why 1:24?

The scales of the scale model cars differ in popularity from country to country with the 1:24 scale being the most popular one in the United States (according to wikipedia). The reason for this is that it’s the size large enough for details to be very visible, making it popular with collectors, and on the other hand it is not too big for children so they are a really cool toy for kids to play with. Size matters; I’m sure you remember your larger toys more than the smaller ones. I for one remember quite clearly the Bburago 1.24 models I had when I was a kid (A red 1957 Chevrolet Corvette 1957 and a black-yellow 1932 Bugatti), those two could entertain me for hours. Now, the 1:18 size could be a problem for small kids because they are a bit too big and heavy. Even though it doesn’t seem so when looking at the numbers, the 1:24 toys are much more suitable for toddlers and kids because they can carry them around more easily yet still have a good quality toy car where they can open the hood, doors and explore the car and let their imagination fly. The 1:18 scaled models on the other hand are more suited for collectors and older kids.


So, which is better? Maisto vs Bburago.

If you’re getting them for a kid with the intention of the kid playing with it… it’s hands down Maisto. Unlike their 1:64 counterpart (check out my best 1:64 diecasts article) the 1:24 models are built to last.

We didn’t need to throw away a single model. A miracle, cause the first die casts he received from that range were in fact Maisto’s. The 1967 Ford is I believe 4 years old and it can still be played with. I mean, it is completely broken down and looks like something from a Mad Max movie but it can still run. In fact… I might consider displaying the toy car somewhere in my house just as a testaments to the durability of the Maisto’s 1:24 models, and also as I’ve said before.. it looks like a Mad Max movie prop :D.

Broken Maisto Ford Mustang GT 1967 in 1:24 scale

This toy has a lot of soul… if toys could speak this Ford Mustang would have a novel ready for us.

The only thing that can be taken off (broken) easily on the Maisto toys are the rubber tires. They are however quite large and do not constitute a chocking hazard in my opinion. On the other hand the BBurago models do not only loose their tires but also entire wheels as you can clearly see on the attached photos. This happens on all models in this scale because the wheel can be turned left and right, they’re sometimes even connected to the steering wheel which can control the turning of the wheels. This feature looks amazing and any kid above 10 years of age will appreciate it greatly but it’s not that great when you give the toy to a toddler. They’ll break down the toy in no time :(.

Completely broken and destroyed Bburago BMW X5 broken in 1:24 scale

If you’re wondering how to remove Bburago wheels, just give them to a kid above the age of 3 and wait a week or so.

If that were not a big enough problem I’ve so far seen 2 models (of which I photographed one) with broken metal parts. Those things are really sharp and I’m afraid of those. I kept the BBurago Porsche just so I could take a photo of it and show it to you. After that, I’ve threw it straight into the trash.


Completely broken Bburago Porsche in 1:24 scale with sharp edges

Dangerously broken Bburago Porsche, some of the edges were really sharp!

What about Welly vs Maisto and Bburago

In all honesty… a picture says a thousand a words.

So here’s the picture:

Dismantled 1:24 scale diecast Welly toy car

Incredibly easy to break, or should I say dismantle.

Look at the photo carefully. There are practically no scratches on the car, this is because the car has been played with for about 2 to 3 weeks. That’s nothing. It completely fell apart; the windshield, head lights, wheels (all 4 of them!!!), the doors, the side rear-view mirrors.. EVERYTHING! The thing however is that the box of this Welly Land Rover car said it was for 8+ year old children and my kid is almost 7 so unlike Bburago they aren’t trying to scam us parents that way. But still, come on!


How Maisto models look after being played with for a long time?


The Maisto Golf is a few months old in this picture. Click it to see it in full size, it only has scratches and missing side view mirror.


The 1970 Corvette is 2-3 years old and it’s missing the front windshield and the right door is totally messed up. I still can’t figure out how my kid got it that way to be completely honest :D. Either way, it is a testament to the build quality.


Maisto are just better for little kids

In the end I have to say that Bburago and Maisto can not even compare. Maisto are just better suited for children over the age of 3. They will last longer and even come at a cheaper price. If you’re wondering where to buy maisto diecast models. Amazon has a large selection of various Maisto 1:24 models at really reasonable prices.

Check out the Maisto models:


Find the perfect toy car for any kid.


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