Several weeks after the Darda fiasco me and my kid were out shopping for a baby tub for his little sister. Along the way through the mall he asked me to enter a toy store so naturally we did.. cause he’s the boss. While I was looking at the new LEGO collection my kid could not get his hands and eyes off of a display of Bburago GoGears cars and racing tracks. Being shrewd enough he used the battle tested “you’re getting something for my sister, why not something for me” trick and so naturally I crumbled under pressure bit by bit and said ok, which one do you want. He picked the blue one that you can see on the photo just above this paragraph :D.

Bburago Go Gears blue Pull Back Car

A big entrance onto the pull-back stage by Bburago

Thankfully I got off cheap that day because the pull car cost less than 4 dollars. I was skeptical at first and found the car a bit ugly unlike all the other Bburago cars which are realistic and look very good. But as we all know looks can be deceiving: it has been around 4 months now that this car is still alive and in action, and when I say in action I mean it can go. You see, these cars were not made to be looked at or put on display like other Bburago car models. These are made for strenuous play; the car doesn’t get damaged no matter what it runs into or from where it falls, the engine does not break on the first day nor does it loose strength in the long run and the wheel axles do not bend when a kid presses the car on the floor.

We’ve been to the that same shop 2 times afterwards just so he could play with the GoGears tracks they got set up there since they have a whole bunch of them.  All in all it’s a really fun car to play with cause it has a very powerful motor and can take the damage unlike most pullback toy cars on the market, even including the once famed Darda racing cars.

UPDATE 7/1/2015:

I am sad to report that after 1 year and approximately 1 month the blue Bburago GoGears car has broken down. It’s downfall was sand, being left out in the open and being washed several times by my son which caused it to rust. As far as I’ve seen this is the most any pull back car has endured.

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