Why did we buy Biogaia Probiotic Drops

I’ve heard many positive things about Biogaia ProTectics probiotic drops. My wife even mentioned them in a comprehensive article she wrote about colic. Our friends swore it was the thing that helped them with their colicky baby and many other people do as well. We prepared a lot for colic so we didn’t need them but the brand name stuck in our head and when we needed to buy probiotics for our still breastfeeding daughter our of all the probiotic brands this one popped out in my head. Our baby girl had to take a wide spectrum antibiotic and within 24 hours she started experiencing problems with her stool. This was when we decided she needed to take a probiotic and to give her Biogaia.

Biogaia ProTectis Probiotic Drops Baby

Other Probiotics

Firstly though we had to dispense with the troublesome probiotics that come in the shape of chewing tablets or dust like probiotics which you’re supposed to delude in water and then give to your child because well… it was too much of a hassle; it is extremely difficult to give that sort of medicine to a baby. These are not your probiotic for infants. And since we have an older son a thought appeared: you CAN give drops to a toddler. The pharmacist had unleashed several brands of probiotics for infants on me and had like our friends claimed that Biogaia were the best probiotics on the market. Since they were only slightly more expensive than the other one’s logic had prevailed and I bought a small bottle of biogaia drops.

8/14/2015 Update: I have to mention here that if you live in the United States you’re in luck because there is a product that is the same as Biogaia Drops but is cheaper. It is called Gerber Soothe Colic Drops. The regular Biogaia drops receive bad reviews not because they do not work but because this product (which is practically the same but as I said cheaper) is available to you in the US. My wife and I haven’t been able to find it in local drug stores however 🙁


Do they work?

This isn’t her first time taking antibiotics but this time since she got prescribed with a wide spectrum antibiotic she had reacted badly to it so we just had to act. Our daughter’s diarrhea stopped within the very same day she took her first dose of 5 drops. I was amazed, her stomach had been regulated and cured instantly. It seemed like it started working immediately.  There’s really nothing more to say here. It had fixed our problems just like promised… hell, maybe even better than promised. She took them for only a few days and all her tummy problems have gone away.

Only a few people on the Internet say they did not help them or have bad opinion of this product. Seriously, about 2 reviews out of around 50 say it didn’t help their problems and most of the bad reviews have nothing to do with the drops NOR with the side effects but have to do with a shipping company that used to ship them several years ago.


How to give biogaia probiotic drops?

Several people also have issue with the dropper mechanism. They say that it is hard to give a baby several drops inside its mouth but you’re not supposed to do it like that. You can put them in a spoon or on your finger (great for breastfed babies) and administer them that way. It is much much easier. Just shake the bottle and drop a few drops or whatever the needed dosage is.

We only regret that we couldn’t get the new D3 bottle of probiotic drops which are actually cheaper or the Gerber Soothe Colic Drops. We just couldn’t wait and we couldn’t find them 🙁


What is Biogaia used for?

They can be used to treat various baby issues and ills such as acid reflux, infant coli, constipation, digestion and gas problems. They are also used to improve overall health and boost the immune system for children of any age Also, if you’re breastfeeding you can take them yourself and you will pass on the L. reuteri supplements and probiotics to your baby. The L reuteri bacteria can be found in breast milk and this is why Biogaia drops are more effective in threating diarrhea. “L. reuteri is also an effective treatment against infant colic. Over a period of several weeks, infants who are given L. reuteri steadily decrease the amount of time each day spent crying.” wiki

I have to mention again: they also have a new version which comes with Vitamin D3 which is often proscribed to babies, so it even does that! This packaging is also a cheaper on Amazon which carries it; around 20 dollars. BioGaia ProTectis Drops with Vitamin D3.


  • 10/21/2015 – Our daughter is now almost one and a half years old and she got a stomach bug. She developed diarrhea and we started giving her the drops and as before the diarrhea stopped very fast, about 12 hours after administering them. We’re keeping them stored in the fridge. Still very happy with the purchase 🙂
  • 2/8/2016 – Our daughter is now too old for Biogaia 🙁

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