I love making my kid happy with a well deserved and quality toy. Sure it has materialist connotations but it’s the world we live in and all children like toys, it’s as simple as that. Every parent is both happy and proud when he gets his kid a great toy that it likes. But there’s also the other side of the coin, the ugly one. What happens when the toy is not as great as advertized… we all know that look on a kid’s face and some of us even remember the feeling of sheer disappointment from our own childhood. It has happened to everyone and will happen again to your children, you can bet on it.

The purpose of the articles on these pages are to share what toys have been great for our kids and also to use our own mistakes and experience to warn you about some of the utter rubbish and scams that are out there.

Matchbox vs Hot Wheels vs Majorette – In this article I analyzed a lot of die-cast toy cars in the 1:64 scale. Toy cars included are Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Majorette, Siku, Maisto, Welly, RMZ City and others. Which is your (well, your kid’s :D) favorite?

Bburago GoGears Cars –Ā  In the sea of pull back cars with weak and bad engines that break down sometimes on the first day and at best within weeks the new Bburago line of pull back cars is as tough as they come. My kids lasted for over a year… sand killed it in the end though šŸ™‚

Bburago 1/43 Die-cast Cars – The best buy in this scale and my childhoods most common die-cast car. Well made and accurate models.

Darda Cars – The fastest pull-back toy cars… but with a catch; if you use them anywhere outside the makers race track, like for example I don’t know… on the floor. They break down šŸ™

Fisher Price Toys – One of the ever present companies in the baby toys nieche.

Siku Toy Cars – German based company that specializes in making one of the most beautiful and durable die-cast toy cars, a bit more expensive than your regular toy cars but in our opinion well worth it.

RMZ City 1/36 Die-cast Cars – RMZ made a few really nice addition to their toy line like making their toys matte colored. Unfortunately they keep putting the weak pull-back engines in them. Otherwise really really durable and exceptionally detailed.

Hot Wheels Color Shifters – What is exceptional about this line of Hot Wheels cars is that they’re really well made (I’m talking really tough), they change colors very well and that they’re a bit expensive šŸ™

Hot Wheels Games – Maybe soon they’ll make a good video game but so far Mattel has only dipped their toes into the gaming niche and they need a lot more practice. You’re better off getting a real racing game or an arcade racing game.

Funny Hot Wheels Cars – You know the ones I am talking about… the weird one’s, the futuristic one’s. I don’t like them but who cares cause my kid loves them!

Matchbox Die Cast Cars – My personal favorite, because they imitate real world vehicles very well and do that at a low cost affordable to everyone.

LEGO Duplo – One of the most known toys for learning, playing and developing various abilities for your kids. One note though: You do not need to go overboard and buy a bunch of sets… a few will do just fine as the kids will overgrow them fast and be ready for other LEGO sets.

LEGO City Auto Transporter – If your kid is into cars look no further… this is the set for him. A best buy.

LEGO City Monster Truck – Exceptionally well built. My kid did wonders to it without breaking it apart.

LEGO City Road Plates – I am a big fan of various LEGO building plates as they really diversify your kid’s play and offer many options.

LEGO City Fire Chief Car – A cute little Fire department car with a story. Nothing special but still.. very cute.

LEGO City Mining 4×4 – An entry toy to the LEGO mining series with a bunch of accessories which are a strong selling point for this toy.