LEGO Road Plates


Lego City Straight and Crossroads

Lego roads plates and other surfaces/plates are a completely underestimated piece in a Lego collection. Kids on the other hand do not underestimate them and want them. They can revolutionize your entire collection, offer stability for many constructions and overall enhance play.

I understand both sides of the coin, on one side I can remember how I always wanted a few road plates but never got them :(, and when I was older other interests came along so I never spent my money on them. On the other side I see how getting a 2 piece set might seem inferior to lets say a fire truck or a boat or any other set which has a lot of pieces and also a lot of possible combinations. But the key word is exactly that: combination! Lego surfaces like roads can be combined with the entire Lego city set and others as well. Also, to add weight to the other side, the price is too much when you consider it only is 2 pieces of plastic and they really shouldn’t cost as much as they do.

I didn’t want to put anything on the roads themselves for the photos in this article. Why do that when I want to emphasize how important they are just because they are empty and almost limitless in option ( sure, there are limits… it is a road set after all 😀 ).

If they seem like too small of a gift you can always combine them with a small Lego set like for example the fire, police or a single car. This will definitely be a superior gift than an equally priced larger set because the kid will remember that you got him or her the road set for ever.


Lego City Straight and Crossroads


We only have the straight and crossroad set unfortunately and will most probably get the T-Junction and Curves set in the future but there also exists a 4 piece road plate set. A side note: Why don’t they make a set that contains only straights or curves. I do not want to get a crossroad for every straight road piece :(.