Us parents are a market group, we are targets in fact. To be completely honest you are a target right now on this site were we recommend various items we have used and still do. This however does not change the honest intention of us trying to give you the best possible opinion on products, even if the opinion is that an item is not worth your attention and your money. We will never review items on an order basis (gifts by manufacturers) but instead focus only on the items we have bought because we liked them or needed them.

As a target we are constantly bombarded with various products that promise to provide the best possible environment and conditions for our child to grow in when in fact we don’t need most of them and we’re just being manipulated and emotionally blackmailed into buying overprices and over-hyped products.

The blunt philosophical truth is that you the parent are the environment and the very conditions for your child’s growth. The pieces of equipment you will buy for your child are just tools, items which serve a purpose. Do not let anyone make you feel like you’re a bad parent because you haven’t bought something and be careful you do not create a self image that you’re the best parent because you have all the gadgets; it’s not a competition.

It is very difficult not to fall in this trap, we’ve all been there or are going to get there once in a while (it’s the world we live in), because not only are the marketing experts constantly pitching at us, so are other parents. Why they do this is a topic in itself. What always rings true are the wise words that what you own ends up owning you… so be careful!

Here is list of items we’ve found very useful or completely useless:

BabyBjorn Bouncer – Now this is an item that never gets out of fashion and the reason it doesn’t is because it is very very good and of excellent quality. The one we use is over 10 years old and still feels brand new!

AA and AAA Battery Recharger – Only useful if your kid loves RC toys.. and if he or she does, then boy this is a cash saver. Otherwise, don’t bother.

Hot Wheels Case – So our son is a total fan of die-cast toy cars; so much that he always carries them around wherever we go. We got him a 9 car travel tote but even though it does do the trick and it’s still working… there are a few better options we unfortunately found out too late šŸ™

Clay Impression Kit for Babies and Children – A nice memory but you don’t really need to buy a casting kit… I believe it’s just a waste of money. Just get some regular clay and have some fun!


Your comments are encouraged so please share your story and advice with us on these items… if there’s something better out there, we want to know šŸ™‚